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SoftSkills.fixMySkills.com is an online learning platform focused on a comprehensive set of curated soft skill pathways to suit most individual or corporate online learning requirements.

Who is it for?

These video-centric on-line learning courses can be used for any business for all staff.  The focus is on the soft skills people can use in just about any role.  Below are some benefits for different groups.

Front Line Staff:

All content can be accessed via any internet device from any location.  Learners can watch a video for a quick refresher, they can be assigned to do a specific course via a learning pathway.  Most content is specifically designed for front line staff working with customers and colleagues.

Front Line Managers:

Managers can select pathways to be consumed by their teams.  They can also play video modules in daily huddles, team meetings, coaching sessions and mini training sessions.  The Leadership and Coaching video courses can also be used to strengthen their own skills and improve leadership behaviours.

Senior Managers:

For senior management, the knowledge that a library of soft skills content is readily available that can easily be embedded into training, inductions, refreshers and ongoing coaching can be a great strategic strength.  Senior managers could themselves benefit from the leadership, stress and resilience and interpersonal content themselves.

Human Resources and Learning Teams:

The library can be used to save time in creating soft skills content for  use in your particular business.  The short video courses can be used for individuals rather than having to run group workshops or scheduling a calendar of workshops. Managers can ask the HR teams for content and can be directed where to go for specific individual training needs.

Create your own Learning Pathways:

Choose from a catalogue of over 80 videos and curate a course that suits your exact requirements. CLICK HERE

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We offer a wide range of curated soft skills learning paths, designed to benefit individuals, small businesses and corporates.

We are happy to design learning paths to suit your requirements.