Improve your Debt Collection Skills

Debt Collection Skills

Debt Collection Skills comprises the following:

  • Explains about communication, tone, modulation and body language.
  • How to deal with various difficult customer types including the non stop talking custmer, angry customers, know-it-all customers and customers with a language barrier. You will learn a number of techniques in dealing with these types of customers.
  • You will learn about de-escalation techniques, understanding emotions and more ways to manage difficult customers.
  • Included are components about EQ and self awareness, self regulation, social awareness, relationship management and how to handle emotions.
  • Important aspects around communication and in particular how to listen more effectively.
  • You will learn about the stages of negotiation, a beneficial outcome and useful tactics in a negotiation.
  • We examine the main questioning skills and how to use them for effective conversation control. Open, closed, leading, echoic, rhetorical and clarifying questions are all explained.
  • We explain what the benefits and best techniques are for demonstrating great telephone call control. This will help in reducing call times and unwanted additional calls.

Course Information

Debt Collection Skills

1 month of access