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Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials comprises the following:

  • Covers some core leadership basics and is a good refresher for all leaders. You will learn about leadership styles and some useful leadership tips. It also includes some tips on how you can ease into a new leadership role and how to deal with former peers.
  • You will learn about the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour and how to apply the principles in your role.
  • These 10 principles help explain how you can effectively coach to effect change and not just tick the coaching box.
  • You will learn ways to embrace change and help others with change.
  • Understand how to hold an effective difficult or courageous conversation. It also provides tools for giving and receiving effective feedback.
  • Included are components about EQ and self awareness, self regulation, social awareness, relationship management and how to handle emotions.
  • How to give and receive feedback. Covers encouraging and developmental feedback as well as descriptive and evaluative feedback.
  • How to give effective instructions in the workplace. Ideal for leaders, supervisors and managers who need to give instructions.
  • We explain in detail about handling conflict. Cover off ways to tackle conflict, types of conflict and how you can use conflict effectively in the workplace.
  • Here we explain how to improve you influencing skills. You will learn the six laws of influence, seven traits of influential people as well as the difference between persuading, manipulation and negotiating.
  • Deals with various aspects of time management including organising tasks, email management and ways to reduce time wastage and interruptions.

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Leadership Essentials

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