Learn Receptionist Skills

Receptionist Skills

Receptionist Skills comprises the following:

  • Shows some techniques on answering the telephone. It includes the phone greeting and asking permission to ask questions.
  • How you can use your attitude to the best possible advantage. Having a positive attitude is in your control and impacts positively on all those around you.
  • Explains about communication, tone, modulation and body language.
  • It is not just the responsibility of the customer service team or receptionist. Every one in the business should be looking to provide great service to all customers – external and internal.
  • Difficult Customer Techniques – Ways you can deal with difficult customers and how you can calm them down.
  • We explain the importance of managing the needs of your customers and ways in which you can do that.
  • How you can create a positive first impression of your business to customers. You will learn some key techniques that will be easy to apply in phone and face to face situations.
  • We explain what the benefits and best techniques are for demonstrating great telephone call control. This will help in reducing call times and unwanted additional calls.

Course Information

Receptionist Skills

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