Handling Requests for Service

Requests for Service – Taking the Request

Requests for Service – Taking the Request comprises the following:

  • Ten telephone techniques that will help set you apart and above others in the contact centre industry and indeed for any phone based roles. These techniques are based on Awards criteria and are suitable for all centres around the world.
  • You will learn about the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour and how to apply the principles in your role.
  • Explains about communication, tone, modulation and body language.
  • We explain in detail about handling conflict. Cover off ways to tackle conflict, types of conflict and how you can use conflict effectively in the workplace.
  • Difficult Customer Techniques – Ways you can deal with difficult customers and how you can calm them down.
  • Important aspects around communication and in particular how to listen more effectively.
  • We explain the importance of managing the needs of your customers and ways in which you can do that.
  • How you can create a positive first impression of your business to customers. You will learn some key techniques that will be easy to apply in phone and face to face situations.
  • We examine the main questioning skills and how to use them for effective conversation control. Open, closed, leading, echoic, rhetorical and clarifying questions are all explained.
  • Processes that you should consider as an organisation that handles service requests. Organisations like local government, councils, central government and private companies which handle requests for service will find this module useful.
  • Showing empathy is a key skill to develop in a customer service, sales or leadership role.
  • We explain what the benefits and best techniques are for demonstrating great telephone call control. This will help in reducing call times and unwanted additional calls.

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Requests for Service | Taking the Request

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