Sharpen your Training and Presentation Skills

Training and Presentation Skills

Training and Presentation Skills comprises the following:

  • The importance of setting up the training environment well. We include details about the venue and factors which affect the participant’s comfort.
  • You will learn how to plan for contingencies, using equipment and the flow of sessions.
  • You will learn about barriers to successful training and how to overcome these barriers, how to ensure your participants are engaged, contingency plans and ways to assess the effectiveness of the session.
  • How to give effective instructions in the workplace. Ideal for leaders, supervisors and managers who need to give instructions.
  • All about learning and delivery styles.  This is ideal for anyone who people who training other staff or for leaders looking for insights into various styles that work in learning and in the working environment.
  • Learn some ways to deal with people who exhibit various difficult behaviours.
  • Helps you improve your presentation skills. If you have a fear or anxiety over speaking, you will learn some tips to overcome that.
    Key tips in running successful remote training sessions. These tips can also be used for running remote training and meetings for virtual teams.
  • Measuring your training, including Kirkpatricks 4 levels of evaluation.

Course Information

Training and Presentation Skills

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