Time Management Skills


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  • Time Management
  • Being Assertive
  • Being Productive
  • Attitude
  • Managing Stress
  • Delegation

  • How you can use your attitude to the best possible advantage. Having a positive attitude is in your control and impacts positively on all those around you.
  • You will learn about the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour and how to apply the principles in your role.
    How to get started on a task, avoiding distractions and some time management concepts.
  • Tips on delegation and some techniques to easily apply in your role. We will also cover the steps and levels of negotiation.
  • Covers various aspects of managing stress including the body’s stress response, good and bad stressors, ways to manage stress and the flight or fight response.
  • Deals with various aspects of time management including organising tasks, email management and ways to reduce time wastage and interruptions.
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